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Misty Mountain Ranch

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Dakuniba Pass is a 100-foot (30-meter) wall dive where you will see pelagics such as barracuda, sharks and tuna. There are also some beautiful gorgonian fans at this site which is about 30 minutes by boat from the resort. Dakunida is only done on outgoing tides and is the most distant dive site visited regularly.
The Zoo is another 100-foot wall dive with abundance of big fish including barracuda, reef sharks, bronze whalers, eagle rays and manta rays. The Zoo is located 20 minutes away and only done on outgoing tides.
Great White Wall is a legendary dive named for the unusual soft coral that inhabits the area. Starting at a depth of about 50 feet (15 meters) and continuing to over 200 feet (60 meters), this underwater escarpment is covered with an almost luminescent white coral tinged with lavender. The site is 15 minutes by boat from the resort and explored to the maximum depth of 100 feet. This dive is only suitable during incoming tides.
Annie's Bommie has been likened to a coral head that glows like a Christmas tree. Only 15 minutes away and 65 feet (20 meters) down, it is lined with spectacular multi-colored soft coral that includes all shades of red, purple, violet, blue, yellow and white. The diversity of fish is also extraordinary including wrasse, parrot fish, damsels and a host of other species.
The Corner is located on the same reef as Annie's Bommie and is roughly the same distance from shore and at the same depth. There is a wonderful variety of multi-colored soft coral. It is an oasis of soft corals and there is often an unbelievable amount of fish life around.

The Ledge, located only 10 minutes from the resort and at a depth of 65 feet, is one of the most popular dives aside from the Great White Wall. It consists of a pinnacle of coral that rises from a depth of 200 to 250 feet (80 to 90 meters) almost to the surface. It's a magnet for reef fish and pelagics, with lionfish in residence in the overhangs and crevices. There are also outstanding soft corals and a tremendous variety of underwater flora and fauna. This site is particularly good for night diving, and offers an easy access and photo opportunities at any time.
Jerry's Jelly is a series of coral heads covered in every conceivable color of soft coral. It is a favorite of photographers because of the colors, the abundant tropical fish life, and the numerous small caverns and crevasses that mark the reef. The site located 15 minutes away and at a maximum depth of 65 feet.

Blue Ribbon Eel Reef is 15 minutes away and done as a drift dive at depths between 65 and 85 feet (20 to 25 meters). There are some incredible violet soft corals as well as an amazing density and variety of fish. The main attraction here is the blue ribbon eel, which measures about the length of a finger and has strikingly vivid bands of blue and yellow. Despite the coloration these eels can be hard to find -- our experienced dive guides will point them out to you.

Yellow Tunnel is located 10 minutes away and is at a depth of 85 feet (25 meters). It is an astounding display of yellow soft coral on a wall with a vertical chimney-like swim-through. There is also a wonderful variety of fish here.

Cabbage Patch is a garden of unusual cabbage-shaped hard coral ranging in size from 3 to 15 feet (1 to 5 meters) in diameter. While cabbage-shaped coral is not a rarity in the area, this type of abundance is a mystery.
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